5 Beauty Tips that You Need to Know About

Believing in yourself, feeling confident and standing are important things that help you feel your best. However, any woman will tell you that beauty secrets also count. And here are the top 5 beauty tips that will help you look fabulous no matter your age. (1) If you can only afford one beauty care product, let that be a moisturiser. According to experts, no matter your skin type – oily, normal or dry – a good moisturiser and cleanser will take ages off your face. (2) Before you empty your bank account for the sake of some pricey anti-aging cream, use a sunscreen. Simple as it may sound, sunscreen is an amazing secret beauty product that will make your skin looking that much younger. (3) Wash your skin twice a day with a mild cleanser. (4) Always use the right brushes at all times. Using the right application tools ensures that beauty products go where they are intended to go and give you the look you are looking for. (5) Last but not least, always update your hair and makeup at least every two years. Try out a new hairstyle without commitment try trying on wigs; it is not only fun, but you may get something that will work for you for the next 24 months. Ready to implement these 5 beauty tips? Get started on your new beauty routine with a loan from Ferratum.


3 beauty uses for apple cider vinegar


The beauty uses for apple cider vinegar know no end, provided you use raw organic ACV. Its effectiveness in the beauty realm cannot be overstated. For starters, when you add it to your bathtub of warm water, the pH level of the skin is restored. When you add it to water and wipe it over your washed face, it tightens the skin and also minimises pores. You can do this to your hair as well because the acetic acid gets rid of the product buildup which makes your hair dull and limp. For hair and skin, Apple cider vinegar is like a magic potion, but its uses don’t end there. The second of many beauty uses for apple cider vinegar extends to fighting off ageing too. Apple cider vinegar contains sulphur and this is useful for dabbing onto age spots and then leaving overnight. Varicose veins are a curse because they prevent you from wearing shorts and skirts in summer. The last but not the least use for apple cider vinegar is that it improves circulation in the vein wall. Apply morning and night and you’ll start seeing an improvement in your veins within a month. It’s a priority supplement you need to have in your house.

Clothes and beauty – The connection

Clothes and beauty definitely go hand in hand. They are connected. A light silky-sheer clinging fabric will look most alluring on a slender figure but will never be able to hide a big stomach. These days, however, you have just got to know where to look, because there are fashion designers who have awesome fashion solutions for any kind of figure issues we have. The gorgeous looks of yesteryear stars can be recreated with flattering clothes and beauty looks from a bygone era. A Vintage Hollywood retro makeup look can easily be pulled off. Those bold red lips and smouldering eyes can certainly enhance any outfit in a minute and they go with any retro look, from capris and white blouses to skirts, jeans, and cardigans. These classic looks from the 40s and 50s with the right hairstyle always promise to be eye catching. They are perfect for those times when you want something from a simple, stylish, classic era.

Designer Clothes and Cost

Designer clothes and cost

Designer clothes are a luxury, of that there can be little doubt. As is typical with luxury goods, designer clothes run the gambit of quality to price ratio, with some being undeniably worthwhile while others are good for nothing but falling apart the day you put them on. Have you had problems with this before, and do you need ways to get discounted designer clothes? Try looking online, rather that your regular mall hopping, you might be surprised at what you can find. Sure, it can’t measure up to the experience of going from store to store with your friends, but in terms of saving money, you’ll find the internet can point you to the same clothes as you find in these stores, just at a heavily reduced price. They manage this by cutting out the price hike that is partially used by physical stores to cover the cost of employment, stocking and other ultimately unnecessary additions. That is not to say that you can just be reckless, as websites can be just as deceptive as overenthusiastic shop-keeps but, if you see something you want in a store but you can’t quite afford it, try the internet, you might be surpised at the bargains you can find

Fashion ideas for a dinner party

Fashion ideas
Going out for a dinner party we all want to look sophisticated and fashionable; to get the right effect here are some fashion ideas that might help. It is not only the face and skin but clothes that need consideration. Your outfit should be chosen as per the occasion. Let us look at some simple fashion ideas.

(1) Light Make up – At a dinner party, light make up which shows your beauty is what should be applied. Too much make up does not look good in any situation other than a carnival or disco and certainly not at a dinner party.

(2) Dark colored sleeveless gowns – The current trend is for dark colored gowns for dinner parties, If they are knee length then it is perfect. You can also choose a shiny one if you like it. It is always in fashion.

(3) Perfume , an outfit is not complete without a subtle dab of perfume. If you are looking to attract the senses and attention of the opposite sex then take a look at these options.

4) Shoes – Wear matching color shoes. This really looks regal. Gone are the days of contrasting color shoes. The best effect for most ladies is a black color gown with black shoes – The imperial look. Adding a splash of colour with a signature bag can add that dash of personality that completes your look. Please send mr what tips or guidelines you would use for dinner party dressing.

Witch Hazel and Cucumber Combo for Sensitive Skins

I know its a fairly ‘old’ skin care product, but I’ve discovered so many more benefits when you start using natural ingredients like witch hazel and cucumber. Living in New Zealand provides plenty of opportunity for natural products. These two ingredients are far better for your skin than some of the skin products from top brands and they are guaranteed to leave your skin feeling toned and refreshed.

some proved beauty tips for you

I’ve got such a sensitive skin and I’ve noticed it becomes itchy with even some of the most expensive face creams out there. When you look at the ingredients, some of the names sound toxic just for starters. A natural and gentle skin toner which is alcohol free is the ultimate for sensitive skins. I’ve done my research and seen that you can actually buy witch hazel and cucumber combined. I’m thrilled about this because the distilled witch hazel that you buy at the pharmacy doesn’t always contain the right amount of medicinal ingredients. Buying an alcohol-free cucumber/witch hazel skin toner from a reputable brand  promotes healthy skin while adding moisture and you benefit from those natural tannins that distilled witch hazel doesn’t have.

I want to know about any awesome home remedies you use for your beauty care and how it works for you.

“Mirror, mirror on the Wall, who’s the beautiful of them all”

That’s what we ask our mirrors every morning when we look at our skin. But do you know the real beauty comes from within? Yes, I’m talking about our health and diet.

A beautiful young female stares through a mirror she's holding - isolated on white

A platter of scrumptious fruits and leafy veggies is all you need- to look ever more prettier, even slimmer and healthier.

Eat These Essentials Everyday:

Fruits have natural antioxidants to help you detoxify your body. Natural sugar, vitamins, and essential minerals moisturizes your skin. It gives enough elasticity and helps repair damaged skin cells. Aim at eating at least 4 to 5 different fruits of different colors daily.

fruits-and-veggies for healthy skin

Juicy Papaya is good for skin. Not just this, every morning it’s consumption helps you to manage stress throughout the day.

Tangy oranges and lemons are rich in vitamin C. It is an important source of extracting nutrients from rest of the food you eat throughout. Vitamin C rich fruits bring glow to the skin.

‘An apple a day keeps the doctor away’. Yes, this delicious fruit is scientifically proven to have all the essential vitamins and minerals healthy for skin and body.

Leafy vegetables like spinach, cabbage, peas, mustard leaves deliver high doses of iron, fiber, and vitamins. They are also low in calories. Cook them with rich Indian spices. And, you’ll get the most scrumptious flavour of all times.

Also, eat Zinc-rich vegetables like fish, whole grains, nuts, lean red meat. Zinc boosts the normal functioning of sebaceous glands in the skin and produce enough oil to keep it soft and supple.

Keep your skin young and fresh with a healthy salad too. Munch on a low-calorie and fiber-rich salad anytime. You’ll see a gradual glow in your skin, even in health.

Make this delicious diet a habit, give yourself at least 6 weeks of time and see the results on the skin afterwards. I promise you’ll look the beautiful of them all.

Happy Eating!